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Getting a Healthy Start in the New Year

We often start the new year with goals and ideas of how to improve our health, but do you need to set some goals for your pet too? Is your pet’s waist line becoming wider and wider? Do you need to revamp their exercise routine? Many pets in the United States are considered overweight. Overweight pets are at risk for developing diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, as well as orthopedic issues, and a decreased life span.


One option that Science Diet has offered to help your pet slim down is their new line of Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution food. More than 85% of pets lost weight in two months at home and it is clinically proven to provide significant body fat loss in cats and dogs. The nutrition this food offers helps pets feel full and satisfied between meals. This diet also is proven to help prevent weight gain after the weight loss program and helps the continue to maintain a healthy weight. The Metabolic diet is offered for cats and dogs and comes in treats and kibble.


Owners should evaluate their choices in treats. Many pets beg for table scraps that are high in caloric value and can be causing weight gain. Instead, feed your pet the occasional carrot, peas, or training treats that are available at Mars Hill Animal Hospital. If your pet is receiving a significant amount of treats speak with your vet about providing the correct amount of food at meal times to prevent the unwanted weight gain that can occur when adding in the extra snacks.


Many pets benefit from exercise not only in their waistline, but also their behavior! Pet owners will often see a decrease in destructive behaviors like chewing, digging, and excessive vocalizing when they exercised their pet daily. Playing fetch, swimming, running, or going on a walk will help keep your dog feeling healthy this year. For more intense dog sports like fly ball, dock diving, agility, and lure coursing consult your veterinarian before starting the sport.



Indoor cats benefit from games like chasing a laser pointer, playing and exploring in boxes, and climbing on a cat tower. For the especially lazy or unmotivated cat we encourage you to place their water and food bowls in separate areas of the home so your cat will have to move more.




With all pets make sure that their meals are measured out in a correct measuring tool. Sometimes owners are not aware that they are overfeeding their dog until there is significant weight gain or even health problems.

If you have any questions about your pet’s diet or exercise routine please contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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