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National Pet Dental Health Month

We are offering 20% off Professional Dental Cleanings in the month of February!

Do you brush your pets’ teeth on a regular basis? If you don’t then you might want to consider your pet having a yearly dental cleaning and exam. Many owners do not have the time or patience to brush their pets’ teeth every day, but do not understand the risk associated with poor dental health.


Brushing your pets’ teeth is a very important action in your pet’s health care regime. At Mars Hill Animal Hospital we offer enzymatic toothpaste and can advise you on the best routine your pets’ needs. Using a finger toothbrush, soft child’s toothbrush, or toothbrush designed specifically for pet is the best option. Using human toothpaste is not recommended because it does not have the correct enzymes and can upset your pets’ stomach.


If you aren’t too keen on brushing your pet’s teeth there are other options for preventing dental disease. Letting your dog chew on toys such as Nylabones while you are supervising them is a great way for your dog to scrape tartar off their teeth and promote healthy gums. Also, feeding your pet a oral health designed diet is another option to help your pets’ mouth in the best condition. We offer the Science Diet t/d diet, Healthy Advantage Oral, as well as C.E.T treats that helps break plaque off your dog’s teeth.


The risks that are associated with dental disease can become severe if care and cleaning is not provided. Signs to look for that indicate your pet is suffering from dental disease are bad breath, inflamed gums, excessive drooling, unwillingness to eat dry food, loose teeth, or bleeding mouth. If you notice any of these symptoms or you are worried about your pet’s oral health we advise you contact your veterinary office immediately.




We recommend dental cleaning once a year for pets that do not have gingivitis, pyorrhea, peridontis. Pets that already have dental disease might need more frequent dental cleanings. Before each dental cleaning the veterinarian gives an oral exam, pre-operative blood-work is run, and your pet is placed on I.V. fluids to ensure that they do not become dehydrated during the procedure. After your pet is safely put under anesthesia the veterinary technician begins to scale the tartar off your pet’s teeth. When that is done an exam is given to make sure the teeth and gum line are healthy and there are no signs of dental disease. Then, your pet’s teeth are polish and an antibiotic rinse is applied. During the procedure your pet is given an injection of pain medication and antibiotics to ensure their recovery goes well! Because we care about your pet’s health we send home antibiotics if they are needed, a bag of Science Diet’s t/d diet, and dentahex oral rinse. We encourage each client to keep oral health a priority in their pet’s daily care!

PetDentalIf you have any questions about dental cleaning, teeth extractions, or oral care please contact Mars Hill Animal Hospital.

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