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What is a hotspot?

“Hotspot” is a general term used to describe the angry reaction that your pet’s skin is displaying. It may also be referred to as “acute moist dermatitis.”

Hotspots have many causes, but are usually the result of self trauma and subsequent infection that occurs as your pet tries to relieve himself from a pain or itch. An underlying allergy is most often the cause of the pain or itch. Some breeds are more prone to seasonal allergies, so you may see hotspots at the same time each year.

There are three types of allergies that may lead to hotspots:

* Inhaled allergy (pollens, dust, molds)

* Insect allergy (fleas, bee sting, spider bite)

* Ingested allergy (food)

Please discuss treatment options, which may include thorough cleaning, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents, with your veterinarian.

For more information, see Library Articles Skin Problems in Pets, Allergies and Spring Allergies.

This question was answered by AAHA Member Dr. Ed Foster of Charlotte, Michigan.

Information courtesy of The American Animal Hospital Association

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