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What should I do to keep ticks off?

First off, if you’re not already treating your little guy with a flea-and-tick preventative, you should start. There are a number of collars, pills, chemical baths, and topical applications (gels or liquids that are put directly on the skin) that protect against fleas and ticks. You can talk to your veterinarian about which of these would be best for you and your pet. Also, be sure to check your dog for ticks every time you return from a walk through tick-heavy areas, such as woods or tall grass.

If you’re using an anti-tick medication and you’re still finding ticks, talk to your veterinarian about a stronger treatment. Veterinarians have stronger tick medications than you can buy over the counter. Additionally, they can check your pooch’s ears, toes, and other hidden areas for sneaky ticks. Depending on where you live, you veterinarian may also recommend a vaccination against Lyme disease, which is transmitted by a species of tick.

Information courtesy of The American Animal Hospital Association

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