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Cat Reproduction

Is ovary removal necessary?

Please explain why ovary removal is necessary. I want my pet’s personality to stay the same after sterilization. Won’t her personality change?

Removal of both ovaries is done for several reasons in dogs and cats. Most owners want cessation of heat periods that attract male dogs and cats, which does not happen if ovaries are left in.

The other major benefit is that if a dog or cat has removal of both ovaries and uterus before the first heat cycle, then we can reduce the incidence of mammary cancer to close to zero. The additional benefit is that we almost never see ovarian cancer with the exception of rare cases in dogs kept for breeding purposes.

Cat Pregnancy and Delivery

How should I prepare for my pregnant cat’s delivery?

Cats can be difficult to predict when it comes to labor and delivery. The biggest thing to remember is that your cat may not want to have her kittens where you want her to. You should still try to set up a cozy delivery box for her, lined with her favorite blankets. You can put one or two of her toys in the box and spend some time petting her while she sits in the box to help her feel comfortable in it.

If she chooses this box for her delivery, you know she’ll be in a safe place where you can find her. But when the time comes, her inclination may be to go off by herself into a closet, under the bed, or anywhere else she feels secluded and secure. If she’s close to the end of her pregnancy, don’t let her outside until after the delivery because she may run off and have the kittens somewhere you won’t be able to find them.

The other thing to remember is that having and caring for kittens may not be perfectly routine and natural for her. Try to be present when she delivers so you can help if necessary, but don’t intervene unless there is a problem. You may need to help her deliver a kitten, break the membrane around a kitten, or help one start breathing. The best way to learn these procedures is through demonstrations or pictures. Your veterinarian can help you learn them, or you can find a book on delivering kittens at your library or a bookstore.


Information courtesy of The American Animal Hospital Association.