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What should I do about the calluses on my dog’s elbows and back legs?

Callused skin is actually fairly common in dogs. Calluses, thick pads of tough, often hairless skin, are formed when skin repeatedly rubs against rough surfaces, such as concrete in a dog run or scratchy indoor-outdoor carpeting. Calluses don’t pose a serious health risk; they mostly just look unsightly and bother some pet owners. The best treatment for calluses is to protect your dog from abrasive surfaces. Monitor where he sits and lies; put padding down in his favorite sleeping places. If he is confined to an area such as a dog run or a basement for periods during the day, make sure he has a soft, clean, comfortable area to lie down, so he won’t lie on the concrete or the hard floor.

Aloe lotion can also soften the calluses and improve the appearance of your dog’s skin, but be careful when softening calluses. They develop as a way for the skin to protect itself against damage. If you soften your dog’s skin and it keeps coming into contact with rough surfaces, the skin could develop scrapes, sores, or other problems.

Information courtesy of The American Animal Hospital Association

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